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The grading of the vintage clothing sold at Dap Walk is done as objectively as possible, taken into account that every vintage item has had a different life before we acquired it. We divide the condition of our garments into five grades, listed below:
Mint: Garment is faultless and has not been altered. Mostly refers to vintage that has never been worn or deadstock items.
Excellent: Garment has no obvious faults in appearance, and possibly has never been worn or only worn few times. There might be expected signs of wear or age but hardly any signs at all. 
Very Good: Shows normal signs of wear expected for the age of the garment with some minor visible problems, such as small stains, but nothing that will detract from wear.
Good: Garment has obvious signs of wear, but is overall intact. Such signs include minor stains and/or fabric tearing or abrasion which may be noticeable. 
Fair: Garment has apparent stains and/or fabric wear; these problems are either irreparable or have been repaired, but are not perfect in appearance.
Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about grading or the state of a particular garment to feel confident about your purchase.